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Home / Events / Mindfulness Educativo: Atención plena para la vida
Mindfulness Educativo: Atención plena para la vida
Tickets to Mindfulness Educativo: Atención plena para la vida
Centro Universitario Cardenal Cisneros
Alcala de Henares
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3:00 PM
December, 2019
3:00 PM
Alcala de Henares
Centro Universitario Cardenal Cisneros
€ 55.67
€ 55.67}
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The Mindfulness workshop in the educational field pursues two fundamental objectives. The development of attentional and awareness skills for educational and health purposes (better concentration, stress management, better sleep quality, raising creative capacity, increasing resilience, fostering memorization, controlling reactivity, sympathetic ability, thought management, increased body awareness, etc.) and on the other hand the development of the sense of transcendence, of empathy, of compassion and altruism, of acceptance (non-resignation) and of non-judgment, as ultimate purposes framed within the Quereb Project of the CUCC.  This set of skills is available to anyone, above beliefs and ideologies, and is offered with the intention that people who start practicing mindfulness will in turn introduce them to children's and elementary school classrooms or social education workshops, as is happening in many institutions around the world. In line with many of the current research (Hayes-Skelton and Graham, 2013; Grant et al, 2010; Sara Lazar et al, 2005; Helzet et al, 2011; Kabat-Zinn, 2003, 2007; Brown and Ryan, 2003; Jacobs et al, 2011, or Davidson, 2004 among others) that corroborate the remarkable influence of mindfulness on neural systems and therefore on their influence on our physical and cognitive functions.  Mindfulness attitude can be taken to any activity of daily life and work, favoring contact with others, with the experience of the present and making life richer and more intense by establishing a sytonic mode between inside and outside, balancing the interpersonal and the intrapersonal.  Mindfulness education is eminently practical. It is to learn to set aside the accessory and put all the focus on the present, increasing awareness and therefore the presence in everything we do. One of its fundamental premises is to switch from DO mode, to SER mode.  In these times when inattention, information and lack of expectations are three of the great barriers that difficult learning, the practice of mindfulness help us counteract the effects of uncertainty, haste and complexity 21st century.  The course offers a practical and theoretical introduction to the mindfulness technique for application in the educational field and in everyday life. There are numerous evidences that today confirm the benefits of Full Care for any of the companies we assume in life, whether they are of a work nature, as a training, as an existential. Among some of these advantages contributed by the daily practice of mindfulness we can mention: !• Stress reduction. • Increased concentration and focus. • Increased body awareness. • Improved emotional management. • Reduced impulsivity. • Improved social interaction. • Increased cognitive skills. • Development of decision-making capacity. • Disidentifications and detachments. • Increased inter- and intrapersonal intelligence.  A teacher, a social educator able to manage his emotions, prepared to locate his attention, connoisseur of his automatisms, sensitized to be in the present moment, will be better prepared to listen and attend, to be compassionate, to discern, to convey equanimity and calmness, to offer a model of integral person, to educate in sum. The workshop is an opportunity to know and delve into the practice that countless universities, schools, companies or sports teams around the world make available to their members to improve performance and promote a general state of positivity and interconnection between all. For more info: www.actitudmindfulness.com Attendance at the sessions (6 hours) (Tuesday and Thursday), and essentially a personal work of putting observation and mindfulness techniques into practice for later sharing and application in daily life (6 hours) The student who performs the training will be able to obtain 1 ects credit.