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Aina Núñez i EART

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L'Atlàntida de Vic
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«Aina Núñez i EART»

Thursday Th-9:30pm
Nov, 2020
Nov 19 Th-9:30pm
9:30 PM
Carrer del Pare Gallissà, 08500, Vic, Catalunya, Espanya


Movement and dance with Labotaroria Flamenco The vigatana dancer Aina Nuñez leads a session on dance and movement in front of a group of high school students from the School of Art of Vic. The session has all the components of Laboratoria, which will reflect on its creation Y perdí mi centro which was premiered in Atlantis last October, with artistic interventions that illustrate both its creative process and the concepts of vindication around women , on which his career is based. Access room 4Laboratoria was born in 2017 as a multidisciplinary project that aims to be a channel of experimentation for four women who share flamenco as a common language and who, apart from dialogue with him, try to transcend it. The genesis of this laboratory is femininity, on which they reflect and base their creations.