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Audioclub Audiosfera

Audioclub Audiosfera

Museo Reina Sofia
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«Audioclub Audiosfera»

Wednesday We-12:00am
Dec, 2020
Dec 9 We-12:00am
12:00 AM
Calle de Santa Isabel, 28012, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España


Listen together and share what you've heard. This is the objective of the first edition of the Audioclub that starts associated with the Audiosphere exhibition. Sound experimentation 1980-2020 and that counts, on this occasion, with the presence of five outstanding people within the field of art, sound and aural culture (Maria Andueza, Alberto Bernal, José Luis Espejo, Marina Hervás and Susana Jiménez). Each of them has drawn up a listening itinerary from the works of the exhibition, which are in addition to the proposal prepared by the curator of the exhibition , implemented in the listening device with which the ordinary visit is made. The alternative recommendations or itineraries of our five guides, complemented by brief explanatory notes for reading or listening, can be followed autonomously — by accessing the content available below. In addition, people who wish to participate as listeners or share their experiences, concerns and comments in the so-called sound assemblies of our audioclub. These will take place several consecutive Thursdays between November and December, and will be accompanied and moderated by each of the five "mediators". Program:Thursday, November 19, 2020 Sound Assembly with Marina Hervás Sonoran PuppetJueves November 26, 2020 Sound Assembly with Alberto Bernal Sound Itinerary available soonJueves December 3, 2020 Sound Itinerary with Maria Andueza Sound Itinerary available soonJueves December 10, 2020 Sound Assembly with Susana Carmona Sound Itinerary available soonJueves December 17, 2020 Sound Assembly with José Luis Mirror Sound Itinerary available soonParticipants :María Andueza Olmedo (1978) holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, researcher, artist and university teacher. She is a professor in the Design and Image department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid and a teacher in the Master's Degree in Cultural Management at Carlos III University. In addition, he is part of the team of collaborators of the Radio of the Reina Sofía Museum. Since 2013 he has coordinated Augmented Spatiality, a project that addresses social space and community art from the intersection of listening and the public sphere. Alberto Bernal (born 1978) is a composer and sound artist. Classically sourced and varied influences, his work is framed in various disciplines such as music, installation, performance or video art. His work is, above all, a search and deconstruction of the boundaries between the aesthetic and the sociopolitical, or between the different traditional perceptual realms (sound, image, word, daily perception...). At the same time, he maintains intense outreach work, regularly publishing articles and giving courses and lectures on composition, aesthetics, analysis and new media. José Luis Espejo (1983) is a teacher, researcher and curator of exhibitions and concerts. Trained in Art History, he focuses his research on the relationships between art and listening culture. Participate in self-managed projects such as Mediateletypes and Ursonate Fanzine. He is an advisor to the live arts (music-sound) program of the Department of Public Activities of the Reina Sofía Museum, whose Radio is a collaborator and founding member. Coordinates the Theory and History module at the Master's Degree in Music Industry and Sound Studies at the Carlos III University in Madrid. He's a listening editor, please. 13 texts on sound for recent art (EXit Libris, 2019). Marina Hervás (1989) holds a degree in Musicology from the University of La Rioja, in Philosophy from the University of La Laguna, with a Master's Degree in Art Theory from the same university, and a PhD in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has completed research stays at the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research and the Berlin Academy of Arts. It combines academic work with the dissemination and design of public and pedagogical programs. He has participated in festivals such as Ensems, Memmix, FASE, La Escucha Errante, Sampler Sories, VANG, Punto de Encuentro (AMEE) and Música Actual de Badajoz, among others, and has collaborated with ensembles such as Quantum, Laboratorio KLEM, Ciklus, Sonido Extremo or Sinoidal. She is currently an assistant professor doctor at the University of Granada. Susana Jiménez Carmona (1974) holds a PhD in Human And Culture Sciences from the University of Girona, a degree in Philosophy from UNED and a senior guitar degree from the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Córdoba. She is a professor in the Master of Sound Art at the University of Barcelona. His work runs between music, sound art and philosophy. From 2010 to 2016 she coordinated jane's walk initiative in Madrid (recounted in the book Paseo de Jane. Weaving networks at street level, Modernito Books, 2016) and between 2015 and 2018 was part of the Project Caring for Sounds in Matadero, Madrid. He has collaborated with various performing arts companies, artists and collectives, gave numerous lectures and talks and published books and articles in different international journals on music and sound art. Educational program developed with the sponsorship of: Capacity: 15 people (active participants); 500 people (listeners) Duration: 90 minutes Enrollment mode:active participants only. By mail to Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Each person may register up to 48 hours before the start of each session in the number of sessions they want. Registration will be confirmed. Registered and confirmed persons will have an invitation to visit the exhibition for free. It is recommended to make the visit before the activity.