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    Cátedra Políticas y estéticas de la memoria

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    Museo Reina Sofia
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    Schedule «Cátedra Políticas y estéticas de la memoria»

    Monday Monday-12:00am
    Dec, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Museo Reina Sofia  ?
    Calle Santa Isabel, 52


    The Political and Aesthetic Chair of Memory, led by Chilean theotic Nelly Richard, articulates various training, research and public activities initiatives at the Reina Sofía Museum. This program of analysis and reflection – armed from the cross between the aesthetic, the theoretical, the critical and the political – conceives memory as an agent of decipherment and rereading of unfinished narratives, whose fragments and scenes continue to challenge the present. A memory that conveys the expressive power of struggles and frustrations, transforming into renewed aspirations for change. Social uphearisings in different parts of the world, the crisis in the system evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, and exception situations that change both the behaviour of States and the social order of what is presented to us as democracy are reasons today to reflect on bodies and economy, life and capital, destruction and preservation , subjectivity and institutionality, violence and language, memories of experience and creative imagination. This time, the Chair's program consists of an online seminar by Nelly Richard, which will take place in two sessions, a film cycle subdivided into five programs, which includes a conversation between filmmaker Carmen Castillo and Nelly Richard, and a closing conference by Judith Butler.Educational program developed with the sponsorship of