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Como la palma de mi mano

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Museo Reina Sofia
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«Como la palma de mi mano»

Thursday Th-12:00am
Dec, 2020
Dec 24 Th-12:00am
12:00 AM
Calle de Santa Isabel, 28012, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España
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At the end of 2019 the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum began working together with the mediator, artist and curator Christian Fernández Mirón on an autonomous mediation project that became Como la palma de la mano, a set of virtual tours, aimed at different audiences, which allow to expand the experience of the Museum beyond physical presence in its rooms , with the aim of offering a new path in the relationship of the Museum with its audiences. And so, you've already seen the light of the first two tours: Map for Expanded Families and The Invisible Museum. As the palm of my hand aims to illuminate new ways of doing from the digital environment to reflect on the possibilities of the virtual in cultural institutions. Throughout the meeting, we will talk about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected museum institutions, how projects have been transformed in the Museum's Education Area and how the process of working on Like the Palm of My Hand in this context has been like. In addition, the tours that are taking place will be presented. The presentation is attended by the project's director, Christian Fernández Mirón, art and education specialist Patricia Raijenstein and the Museum's Education Area team. As the palm of my hand currently offers the following tours:Map for expanded familiesIn this itinerary we address topics such as care, affection and diversity. With the help of some of the works housed by the Museum, the public is invited to create in company a joint map that reflects on the links that connect people with others. The invisible museum Gives its attention to the hidden face of the Reina Sofía Museum, to what happens behind the scenes. It caters to voices that we do not usually hear and works that we do not usually see exhibited in the rooms. And soon the itineraries will be available: Not evaluable This tour aimed at teachers – which is being configured from the cross-cutting contents of the Organic Law for the Improvement of Educational Quality (LOMCE) – will propose actions that invite you to imagine and think together, based on questions that connect with learning in school, and that the educational community feels like urgent. Crippled roads. Tours to discuss the normativeThe term that gives name to these short downloadable autonomous itineraries, which invite you to stroll through the exteriors of the Museum, its courtyards, corridors and rooms, in audio and text formats in easy reading, comes from the crip theory , which is built socially and culturally in categories such as the one that differentiates bodies between trained and disabled. ParticipantsMaría Acaso. Head of the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum. Christian Fernandez Mirón. Work and learn with projects that travel between art and education. He is interested in working with people and communities, sharing doubts and learnings, as well as seeking collective intimacies. He has developed mediation initiatives, questioning and exploring the pedagogies, sensitivities and formats established, both in the independent and self-managed field and in related institutional frameworks, in Spain, Colombia and England. Cristina Gutierrez Andérez. Coordinator of Schools of the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum. Fran MM Cowhead. Coordinator of Communities of the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum. Alba Pérez Cadenas. Mediation Coordinator of the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum. Patricia Raijenstein. It develops mediation projects and focuses its interests on the forms of relationship between museums and their audiences through artistic strategies. He understands education and art as meaningful social tools for communities. Following these premises, he develops projects in cultural and educational organizations, teaches visual culture classes at the European Institute of Design and collaborates with different agents and institutions such as the School of Electrosonoros Offices or the Young Art Room of the Community of Madrid. During 2019-2020 she has been a mediation advisor in the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum. Javier Sanjurjo. Accessibility Coordinator of the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum. Educational program developed with the sponsorship of: Aforo: 75 people Organizes: Reina SofíaLínea-force Museum:Rething the museum Educational program developed with the sponsorship of Fundación Banco Santander