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Compartir ubicació

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L'Atlàntida de Vic
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«Compartir ubicació»

Thursday Th-9:30pm
Nov, 2020
Nov 26 Th-9:30pm
9:30 PM
Carrer del Pare Gallissà, 08500, Vic, Catalunya, Espanya
Tickets from €3


An online, direct, interactive and fast-paced play Two days ago the state of alarm was declared, and Meri is confined to her home with Luke, her six-year-old son. David, his partner, the pandemic has taken him out of the house and he doesn't even know when or how he'll be able to return. Suddenly, Meri hears noises upstairs, an apartment where, in theory, no one lives there. Only in theory? Things will get complicated and the couple will live a very intense night. Luckily, Meri's reading club and David's friends will be in company all night and help them resolve all the obstacles that arise. Viewers will be able to enjoy it through the videoconferencing platform Zoom.Access Room 4