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Home / Events / Cüá. El show de impro más ganso
Cüá. El show de impro más ganso

Cüá. El show de impro más ganso

theater / musicals
Teatro La Encina
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«Cüá. El show de impro más ganso»

Saturday Sa - tba
February, 2020
Feb 15 Sa - tba
Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, 3, 28012, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España
Tickets from €12


They don't have a script. They have no limits. But above all... they have no shame. The improvisation show that has been earning the laughs of the Madrid audience for more than 12 years. Impossible challenges, laughter, good vibes... and you putting the title on our stories. Come and be part of the most goose-in-for-the-eyed spectacle you can imagine. In the show of Cá you will see several sketches of humor, each played in a different way. That is, in different "styles of impro" full of obstacles and complications that will push your ingenuity to the limit, especially considering that the scenes begin without prior communication between the improvisers. They'll only have one sentence, a title that the audience will write and that will lead to each of that night's stories, can you imagine if yours comes out? A tribute and caricature to all the arts in the form of games of all kinds: of words, of numbers, space-temporary, poetic, even with live improvised rap. Don't miss it, start exercising your jaw and prepare a good phrase to test them. You can come as many times as you want because it will never be the same. Hour and a half of good roll to disconnect from everything but good humor. Come and be part of the most goose-in-for-the-eyed impro show you can imagine."