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    Elton John - Farewell Yellow Brick Road - 1º FECHA

    Concert tickets Elton John - Farewell Yellow Brick Road - 1º FECHA

    Palau Sant Jordi
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    Schedule «Elton John - Farewell Yellow Brick Road - 1º FECHA»

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    Palau Sant Jordi  ?
    Passeig Olímpic, 08038, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
    Tickets from €69


    ELTON JOHN will perform at the Palau Sant Jordi with 2 unique memorable nights in Barcelona. Elton John said goodbye last June 26th of Madrid, now it's his turn to say goodbye to Barcelona with 2 memorable nights, after so many years thrilling us! The Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour began in September 2018 in the United States, and has received high praise from both critics and fans. The tour consists of more than 350 concerts over three years across five continents, reaching North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia before coming to an end in 2021. These dates will mark the last tour of the superstar and the end of more than half a century on the road for one of the largest and longest pop icons. Elton's new production takes fans on a musical and visual journey that runs through the more than 50 years of hits of his musical career like never before. Throughout the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, fans have the opportunity to experience Elton's tour concerts in a unique and innovative way thanks to the technology startup PEXX. Providing an experience with superior audio quality, PEXX allows fans to create their own enhanced mix with five channels of live concert sound, remaining fully immersed in the show's energy. 2019 has seen the release of 'Rocketman', a musical fantasy film based on Elton's life. The film has been critically acclaimed and has also been a huge box office hit, with nearly $200 million in gross. Elton's upcoming autobiography "Me" will be published worldwide on October 15. In September 2019, Royal Mail issued a set of 12 labels as a tribute to Elton for being one of the most popular and enduring musical artists of all time. Elton is one of only two musical artists to appear on a dedicated label. The world's leading media rate the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour with five stars: "Rocket Man reaches the stars on his last trip" – The Guardian "Surely the best showman of our time" – Daily Telegraph "The Show of a Lifetime" – The TimesENTRADAS FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY WHEEL CHAIR + ACCOMPANYINGThe type of tickets, at the request of the organizer will not be available on the website , can only be purchased through SALE TELEPHONE 902 400 222 or IN COMMERCIAL CENTER, and with a maximum of 1 ACCOMPANY FOR each entry of Functional Diversity Chair of Ruedas.No anyone who carries a functional diversity wheelchair entry will be allowed access to the venue without demonstrating those mobility problems. They will not be able to access the Functional Diversity Area Wheelchair more than 1 companion per person."