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    Cartuja Center Cite  ?
    Calle Leonardo da Vinci, 7, 41092, Seville, Andalucia, Spain
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    According to kaon Lin tradition of bi-millenary Chinese culture, the god Kuan Lon, the only deity living in a canteen, allows a human being to enjoy clairvoyance fourteen times in a lifetime. Faemino and Cansado go through the lining the Kaon Lin tradition of bi-millenary Chinese culture, like many others, and argue that fourteen are few and that they already go for seventeen.t This new show is undoubtedly the most rupturistic of his career. They abandon the wisdom that has always accompanied them in their careers and parachute into a half-full pool, as one optimist would say. They finally gallop on a wild horse and strip off any patina of sanity. [All of these are metaphors whose function is to fill] What is evident in 17 TIMES is that Faemino and Cansado always do whatever they want and now, because of their age, for the most reason. We hope you'll laugh, which is what you're looking for.