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Teatro Maravillas
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Saturday Sa - tba
April, 2020
Apr 11 Sa - tba
Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 6, 28004, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
Tickets from €18


Jamming's funniest show, more than 1,000,000 spectators, breaks it in Madrid. A tremendously original show in which each performance is improvised, unique and unrepeatable and is built in the eyes of the public. Insured! In Jamming, the viewer is an active part of the show. Based on titles written by the public, the actors idean and perform a series of improvisations according to some styles. Jamming is carried out by five people: four actors-improvisers, in charge of carrying the weight of the show by developing improvisations, and a technician-improviser who sets them with light and sound, at the moment. We believe that its power as a spectacle lies primarily in that it distances itself from conventional theatre in its conception, but not in its realization. That is, it is written to the public (unconventional) but is done with the tools of conventional interpretation. The audience is contemplating something new but recognizable. In addition, he feels part of the show as he is in charge of writing the titles of each theatrical piece. A very clear advantage of Jamming is that a viewer can attend all the functions, will never see the same thing, will always appreciate a common structure but the representations will be different, both formally and thematically. After the first time, you'll know what you're going to get but not what.