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    Teatro de Triana  ?
    Calle Condes de Bustillo, 17, 41010, Seville, Andalucia, Spain
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    Because of the situation of COVID-19, the selection of seats is cancelled. Upon arrival in the scenic space, you can choose an armchair with preference on a first-come, first-served basis. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.« La Sombra del Sur" is a flamenco show dabbled with Arabic, Hindu and jazz music, showing a journey from the rhythms of India and Morocco, to the south of Spain: Andalusia.This great montage is divided into two passes: The first, shows the origins, with Arab rhythms that catch the viewer with rattlesnakes, darbuca and laud. We find a first block a journey through the shadows, with a change of costumes to Andalusia, ending with the essence of taconeo, passion and courage. In the second part of "La Sombra del Sur" elements such as the mantle, fan, hat and chair through the shadow leave the viewer, in love with aesthetics, sensuality and art. This show has traveled to the beat of light, from east to west, representing the origins, the sound of rattles, the laud... south.« La Sombra del Sur" is a show by Teresa Lora Díaz. Born in Seville, in the cradle of a tririan family, where flamenco is breathed and nourished. His grandmother, Carmen Ortega, sang fandangos and hondos singing, thus sowing at home the art and elf that would follow later generations. From the age of 20 he began to travel through South America and Asia, training and studying his folklore and dance. Long periods for several years in Varanasi, India studying Kathak and teaching flamenco classes and shows. He settles in Melbourne, Australia for 3 years, where he organizes Sevillian workshops in Kanela, a flamenco restaurant-bar known nationally by the Tedescos, guitarist and dancer with great renown. Artistic collaborations in Kanela's performances. Also to highlight shows in festivals and projects foraying flamenco with different musical styles. The group Reflejos directed by Bonnie Smith, Sam Festival at the Spanish magazine in Melbourne, Frankston Festival and others. After her return to Europe, Teresa Lora begins in this new show merging image and dance to make us known her roots, through an unusual journey from the East to Andalusia, dabbling with Arab, Hindu rhythms, passing through the contemporary influenced by jazz. The shadow projections and the theatricality of it, leads the viewer to the beauty and feeling of a genre such as living and radiant flamenco. An elegant and passionate representation, where the play of shadows, dance and theatricality will lead those present on a journey south, wrapping themselves with their rhythms, colors and textures. In this work, the main objective of the young pianist is to expose the different traditions and customs with which the Andalusian people celebrate in their main week the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. To do this, Javier Cecilia's piano will be accompanied by the prodigious voice of the Ursaon singer Evaristo Cuevas, who will create a magical atmosphere in which the sensibility, feelings, memories and evocation of past moments will delight all attendees. Javier Cecilia, has been fortunate to be able to stage his work for a large number of stages of the Andalusian geography. Due to the successes achieved, and with several dates already closed for the tour "Aires de pasión 2020", Javier Cecilia arrives at El Teatro de Triana while working on the recording of said show on CD.