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    Las re-vueltas de la memoria

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    Museo Reina Sofia
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    Schedule «Las re-vueltas de la memoria»

    Monday Monday-12:00am
    Dec, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Museo Reina Sofia  ?
    Calle Santa Isabel, 52
    Tickets from €10.00


    This cycle proposes, through documentary and film-rehearsal, different ways of addressing memory that explore the conflict zones between subjectivity and politics; between militancy and revolution; between critical sexualities and gender transformations; between memory and democracy; between social rebellions, constituent impulses and tasks of reinvention of the present. Argentina, Chile and Spain share the historical experience of having suffered from the drama of dictatorships, whose traumatic memory permeates the individual and collective biographies that were exposed to military terror, censorship and repression, torture, disappearance or exile. This cycle proposes different exercises so that memory is not tied to the past, to remember or denounce, but also to explore temporal strata full of cracks, forks and nooks and crannies. In this set of essays and documentaries, careful glances converge on the folds of history and the folds of memory: an inquisitive and creative memory that transcends the monumental format to dabble into fragmented narratives, in fields of lateral vision, in bodily and affective micro-beds of hurt identities that allow doubt and strangeness as part of the reconfiguration of historical and personal memory. This program is based on a thoughtful look, understood from the double meaning referred to by the film theoic Ana Amado: "Reflective by the tendency to incorporate elements of filmic language into representation, and also, by the appeal to the critical judgment of the viewer, less conditioned by the simple sentimental or emotional identification with the narrated events". Some of the sessions of the cycle are presented by members of the study group of the Political and Aesthetic Chair of Memory, which is regularly session for two years coordinated by Nelly Richard.