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    Manu Sánchez - El Gran Emigrante

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    Schedule «Manu Sánchez - El Gran Emigrante»

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    Cartuja Center Cite  ?
    Calle Leonardo da Vinci, 7, 41092, Seville, Andalucia, Spain
    Tickets from €29


    The arrival of a distant visitor, a strange foreigner, a peculiar being of exotic features, novel customs and unknown ways to a new and unexplored place is the starting point of a theatrical comedy in which the one who comes from outside will hastily meet those inside and those inside will unexpectedly encounter the one from outside. Manu Sánchez's new comedy and 16 steps that after "El Rey Solo", "El Último Santo" and "El Buen Dictator" come to draw laughter at a fast pace and make us think with laughter.Shock of cultures or enriching encounter? Tourist or invader? Possibility of business or impending expoliating? Be superior or inferior race? Colonizer or colonized? Are they peace or war in looming? Fear or celebration? Dear rich or poor leftover? Opportunity or conflict? Party or catastrophe? With or without onions?" The Great Emigrant" comes from outside, from very outside, with his own customs, very own and with absolute and daring ignorance of the world to which he has come to arrive, although perhaps not as much as that of those of this world from within which at the moment he is but another who arrives from outside, and to which we will have to know well to know if he comes to give or receive , to add or subtract... and that surely in the middle will give reasons not to stop laughing and thinking, in the end as with any migrant, because clearly this may be just one more migrant... or not. "The Great Migrant" is one from outside that comes to fill our theaters, so if you like humorous balls so much and giggles come and take it home.