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Polska 2020

Polska 2020

with children
Filmoteca de Catalunya
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«Polska 2020»

Thursday Th - 12:00am
January, 2020
Jan 23 Th - 12:00am
12:00 AM
Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 08001, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


Years ago, when friends travelled, they made you get postcards. It was a way of knowing about them and the place where they were, to see that life continues. Similarly, Polish cinema regularly reaches this film library. This year with eight titles, five of which are signed by women, and all deal with, from very different perspectives, the history of the country itself. And sometimes you need to go geographically far — in Kigali —, or back in time — at the time of World War II —, or move away from the world and seek harmony with nature, or move to the country of rock-and-roll, or dive into a memory that fails... They are different ways of testifying to the vitality of a cinematography. Some of the filmmakers are debuting, others have a career, many have been trained as documentalists on television. As Kieslowski at the time, this is also the trajectory of Katarzyna Trzaska, Ewa Bukowska, Jagoda Szelc and Wladyslaw Pasikowski. Others combined film and theatre, and more than half have studied at the school Lódz. As Wajda, Polanski, Skolimowski or Kieslowski. Continuity and change.