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Sinfónico 11 (concierto adicional)

Concert tickets Sinfónico 11 (concierto adicional)

Auditorio Nacional de Musica
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«Sinfónico 11 (concierto adicional)»

Thursday Th-7:30pm
Dec, 2020
Dec 17 Th-7:30pm
7:30 PM
Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, 146, 28002, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain


The Ninth resists shaking the greatest mystification that no musical work has endured throughout its history, until we almost prevent ourselves from relating it to its historical circumstances: we are in a Vienna that passed the page to the Napoleonic wars during a particular "happy 1820s" in which the ears surrendered to the disinhibition of Rossinian singing, to the sentimentality of the Schubertian lied and to the contagious rhythm of the waltz , and in which the concert hall basculated towards synphonic-coral formats more a related to the new tastes of an audience fascinated with spectacularity. Will this have anything to do with Beethoven including four vocal soloists in the Finale, a choir, the murky, noisy turqueries and a catchy, whistling "Hymn to Joy"? The composer could hardly have imagined the immense symbolic force that this symphony would acquire throughout its history, until it became the unsurpassed collective catharsis ceremony it is today. And that is why, if the herds are conducive, the Ninth will serve as a brooch to the first stage of this season making us feel once again "the embrace of millions of beings, the kiss of the whole world, under the starry sky of a protective father".